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How to Apply

Applicants complete a Pre-Application Assessment, apply and become accepted into a partner school, and then formally apply and get financially-verified for the Fund. Learn more below.

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Complete the Pre-Application Assessment

In order to formally apply and get financially qualified for the Fund, applicants must complete our Pre-Application Assessment. The assessment informs applicants if they are likely to qualify for the Fund. To qualify, applicants must:

  • Be a person of color or identify as female
  • Be accepted to their partner school of choice
  • Meet the financial qualifications.

The official application requests and verifies applicant financial history including income and dependents, so take the Pre-Application Assessment to see if you qualify.

Take the Pre-Application Assessment
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Apply to A Partner School

Applicants will need to complete the program application process and be accepted to a Fund partner school. This:

  • allows for each school to be compliant with their processes and state admissions regulations
  • ensures that incoming students will benefit from the respective program and are set up for success

Apply with any one of our partner schools:

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Apply to the #YesWeCode Fund

Once students complete the Pre-Application Assessment for the Fund and are accepted to a partner school, the school will provide a link to the formal financial verification form.

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Verification Approval

Climb Credit will verify the financial need of the student. Once Climb Credit verifies that the student qualifies, the students are notified by the School that their application to the #YesWeCode Fund was accepted and approved.

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Scholarship Awarded

Congrats! Once the scholarship is awarded, the students will be able to start and complete programs and receive assistance through their respective schools and career support programs.